Nadine West - an Austin-based apparel startup is seeking a creative, entrepreneurial CRO specialist! Looking for an opportunity to own and manage high-level, highly autonomous projects? You’ve found the place.


As a CRO Specialist, you’ll be tasked with understanding customer touch-points, flow, and goals in order to identify key areas of funnel improvement. You’ll be expected to perform each of the following:

  • Design, build, and execute conversion projects across customer touch-points, including webpages and other communication mediums, such as email, SMS, and chat.
  • Focus on imaginative, innovative, and effective concepts.
  • You’ll operate with creative freedom, including the ability to execute on your projects w/o standard bureaucratic interference.
  • We'll encourage you to test new technologies, such as communication platforms and analytical tools.
  • Create SOPs and roadmaps.


At least 2-3 years of experience with CRO as a primary job function. A clear understanding of statistics, including both split-testing, multivariate testing, and related analysis. A keen knowledge of UI/UX across platforms. Advanced prior use of A/B tools, clear understanding of human behavior, and an avid reader/learner. Technical aptitude, including HTML/CSS, SQL, and/or other advanced languages considered a huge plus.